Recent Logo Design Work

I’ve just been working on a logo design for a client on Mull who has exciting plans to open a coffee and seafood sandwich kiosk next year. With their permission I am sharing an extract of the design (without the name).

I have really enjoyed designing this one! My client was inspired by a similar style they had seen online, but I had to make it totally their own. The design involved creating flat icons of the various elements that will feature in the business, such as langoustine, crabs, salad, coffee and bread, and of course the sea itself. I hope the logo will easily communicate what customers can expect once the kiosk is open.

The client is still to decide on the final colour, so the one shown here might not be quite the one that ends up going to press. However, it illustrates the kind of work I am able to do.

If you are interested in a logo design for your own business, do get in touch. I am happy to tweak or update existing logos for you, or to create something completely new. See below for a recent logo changes. The first client wanted to change the shade of pink in her existing logo on the left to a new tone that matched her new premises decor better. We also took the opportunity to update the font used in the logo without making it dramatically different.

And below, the client found that in practice she rarely used her full, long-form business title. She wanted to cut down the words from her original logo (top) to reflect the day to day way they referred to the company, and to make it visually display that in a much more punchy way (bottom). We kept the colour palette the same, but strengthened the overlapping circles by making them a little bolder.

Creating a new brand identity

I-Dentify Logo Long Format RGB

When Denise Baxter got in touch to say she was launching a new recruitment consultancy business and needed a logo I was very happy to help. As is often the case with Denise, the time frame to make things happen was short. Denise is a bit of a dynamo, and she has rigorous standards. So while I was delighted to have the opportunity, I knew it would be a tough gig!

Denise wanted to make a complete change with her new company and gave me carte blanche to design a logo for her. Previously, she had a very safe corporate colour palette of blue and grey. I knew this didn’t really reflect Denise’s style, because although she is always the consummate professional, she is also a very lively person with a big heart and a wicked sense of humour. I knew she and her new business could rock a bolder look that would be different to the other brands in the market place, without looking totally out of place.

I knew that one of Denise’s favourite colours was raspberry pink. As she was the main asset of the company I wanted the branding to reflect something of her, so I knew I would build it around this colour. This wasn’t a colour that similar enterprises use, so it was a bonus. I teamed this pink with complementary greens and harmonising tones of the same pink.

The main function of the company is to search for candidates to fit job roles. Every potential candidate has a range of skills, strengths and weaknesses, and the perfect person for the job will have a sweet spot where they have a set of  skills which align with what the employer is searching for. The Venn diagram seems to graphically represent this perfectly. Of all the ideas I pitched to Denise, this was the idea that resonated most with her.

There are little dots between the letters of the word IDENTIFY representing a pool of candidates. Most of them are pink with the one between the I and D being green – the perfect candidate who is identified and gets the green light for the job!

In record time, two formats of the new logo were approved and finalised, and put straight into use by Identify HR & Resourcing Solutions Ltd.

I-dentify Logo RGB
Denise and her team wasted no time in applying the logo to their new T-shirts!


Soon Identify had me designing business cards, flyers and some graphics for the new website. Recently, Denise even had a branded sweetie trolley at a trade conference, for which I designed the canopy. The trolley was filled with Pick & Mix sweetie bags in company colours and sealed with little branded stickers that promote their innovative new Pick & Mix recruitment services.






Denise is delighted with her new look and I wish her and her team every success.
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