Art Prints

I make three main varieties of prints:

  • linocuts
  • screenprints
  • digital prints
Tobermory Screenprints
Tobermory Screenprint, Limited edition of 25

You can browse available prints and buy them in my shop.

Each type of print has different qualities.


My linocuts are primarily black and white, although I have made some in colour. All my linocuts are printed onto high quality Somerset paper on my 1975 Inverleith press. Often they will have a slightly embossed texture from the pressure of the press, and carry the marks made by the gouge during carving.

Tobermory-Main-Street.READE DAWN-Three SistersTorosay Castlethe boathouse, isle of ulvaglengorm castle


I have made my screenprints at Edinburgh Printmakers. Unfortunately I’m not equipped to make them on Mull. Screenprint can offer a diversity of ways to create an image, but I’m most attracted to its ability to produce blocks of flat colour, and that I can use both computer generated and hand drawn elements to produce quite graphic, simple compositions.

Digital Prints

I have invested in a really excellent printer and archival paper and inks so that I can produce the best quality digital prints. The preparation work that goes into designing a digital print is just as involved as it would be for a linocut or screenprint, but the production of the print itself is done by a printer, so it is much quicker than the other methods.  It is a more affordable way to own art and offers flexibility in sizes.

All of my digital prints are designed to be printed, unlike reproduction prints where an artist will take a photo or scan of an original artwork, such as a painting or drawing, and reproduce a copy of it on a printer. Even the best reproduction prints never quite capture the varied textures, colours and tactile nature of the media used in the original artworks. My digital prints can comprise elements of hand drawing in their composition, but the final images are digital artworks and the resulting print does not suffer any loss of quality.