Logo Design

Need a logo for your business, product or group?  I can help.

A logo design is a bespoke creation for you. Sometimes a client has a well developed idea of what they want and just need me to make their ideas happen. At other times the starting point can be very open and I will make some proposals after an initial conversation and then develop the design in stages. I can also refine, develop or redesign your existing logo. Whatever your situation, I can help you.


Biscuit Press logo Final
My own logo


Student project logo for an artisan yarn and knitting shop.


Silver Lining Logo
Logo Design for a gluten free food company. Student Project


Iona Greenstone Jewellery
Logo for jewellery maker using polished greenstones from Iona.
I-Dentify Logo Long Format RGB
Logo for Recruitment and Human Resources business
Braw Power Logo
Logo for new company working in marine engineering and training.
FINAL_Myrtle& Thyme
Logo for handmade soap and lotions & potions maker
Upside Down Design Logo
Logo for quirky interior design shop in York


Robin's Boat
Logo for Ice Cream shop at Calgary Bay
Java Love Logo
Logo Design for a coffee chain with Kenyan origin seeking to attract a young market with high energy drinks aesthetic. Student project
BUS 4 US Fundraising Campaign
Fundraising Campaign logo