Recent Logo Design Work

I’ve just been working on a logo design for a client on Mull who has exciting plans to open a coffee and seafood sandwich kiosk next year. With their permission I am sharing an extract of the design (without the name).

I have really enjoyed designing this one! My client was inspired by a similar style they had seen online, but I had to make it totally their own. The design involved creating flat icons of the various elements that will feature in the business, such as langoustine, crabs, salad, coffee and bread, and of course the sea itself. I hope the logo will easily communicate what customers can expect once the kiosk is open.

The client is still to decide on the final colour, so the one shown here might not be quite the one that ends up going to press. However, it illustrates the kind of work I am able to do.

If you are interested in a logo design for your own business, do get in touch. I am happy to tweak or update existing logos for you, or to create something completely new. See below for a recent logo changes. The first client wanted to change the shade of pink in her existing logo on the left to a new tone that matched her new premises decor better. We also took the opportunity to update the font used in the logo without making it dramatically different.

And below, the client found that in practice she rarely used her full, long-form business title. She wanted to cut down the words from her original logo (top) to reflect the day to day way they referred to the company, and to make it visually display that in a much more punchy way (bottom). We kept the colour palette the same, but strengthened the overlapping circles by making them a little bolder.

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