Sweet FA!

Some new packaging designs I have created are now hitting the shop shelves. It’s always a bit of a thrill to see the designs you have made transformed from work on a computer screen to a real three dimensional thing you hold, touch and feel.

The product is a new range of organic, gluten free and vegan cookies named Sweet FA Gluten Free. It is so named after the initials of their creator Fiona Aitali. Fiona is the ‘Chief Biscuit Engineer’ at Island Bakery. She’s in charge of developing new products and making sure the recipes taste good. When she was diagnosed with Coeliac disease she could no longer try the biscuits she was making for Island Bakery. It made sense for her to develop a gluten free range that she could be proud of and, as it turns out, everyone else can enjoy them too whether or not they are gluten intolerant or vegan.

The design considerations were to appeal to a slightly younger demographic, with a sense of fun. With a name like Sweet FA, the branding couldn’t be too serious! So I went with bright poppy colours, dotty patterns and boldly confident fonts. The coolest thing of all is a nifty ‘drip off varnish’ effect (technical term which is nicer than it sounds!), which gives a spot varnish over the dotty background pattern and some of the other design elements. It’s hard to see in photos but it gives the packs a lovely tactility which adds to the special feel of the packaging.

Sweet FA logo

There are four biscuits in the range: Cranberry & Orange, Double Choc-Chip, Oat & Raisin and Peanut Butter.

You can follow Sweet FA Gluten Free on Facebook or Instagram. There will be a website coming soon but it is still under construction.

Photo credits Ella MacDonald