I Love Mull

Volunteers MullA few months ago I was asked to design a logo and ID pass for the volunteers on Mull who have been delivering shopping to residents who are unable to do so themselves due to their health or age during the Coronavirus situation. The idea of caring for our community was foremost, and so having Mull in our hearts was the concept for that design. As if by magic, when I looked at the shape of the Isle of Mull, which I had done many times before without noticing, I realised that Mull itself, without too much imagination, fits the contours of a heart, slightly rotated to one side.

Very recently, one of the world’s most inspirational designers, Milton Glaser, died. Most people will not have heard of him, but I think nearly everyone will be familiar with at least one of his designs. The one I am thinking of in particular is the iconic I ❤️ NY design. Glaser provided this design, which he drew in crayon in the back of a cab in 1977, free of charge. The New York State Department of Commerce was trying to reinvigorate the city to encourage tourism and needed to brand their campaign. It was never imagined that the enduring popularity of the design would outlive the campaign by many decades.

In homage to Milton Glaser and following on from my design for the Mull volunteers, I have created a simple new design which will be used on some items of merchandise for sale here on my website and hopefully in other retail spaces on the island in due course. Initially I have had a small run of fridge magnets and car bumper stickers printed, and plans for T-shirts are being made now. If you are interested in retailing any of these items please get in touch.